Think you have what it takes to be a Luxelite hostess or influencer?

Being a Lux Elite girl means attending the best private parties, events and venues in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast! You’ll mingle and make friends with the Elite crowd and live a fast-paced lifestyle. You’re the girl that everyone wants but no-one can have. Are you ready to be one of the elite? Only a lucky few get through our employment process. That is because we are looking for the best of the best. We are exclusive and live luxuriously. Not only are we gorgeous, we are intelligent, talented, and have a unique charm to our personalities. Captivating our clients takes more than a pretty face.

Job Description

If I have appealed to your inner Elite girl, read on! Below describes the nitty-gritty of what hostessing entails.

  • Our business focuses on providing hostesses to clubs, VIP events, and social gatherings.
  • You will be required to wear either branded uniform, evening wear, or lingerie (the more flexible you are, the more bookings you will receive).
  • Makeup and hair must be professionally done at all times, you are going to the club ladies, and we dress to impress!!
  • Our hostesses work an average of 2-4 nights per week. They are required to be healthy, well maintained and engaging at all times.
  • Shifts will be for anywhere between 2 – 4 hours on your feet in heels, so stamina and a good attitude is a must.
  • A huge advantage of being a hostess with Lux Elite is that we organize and construct your portfolio at no charge to you! Other companies charge thousands for the creation of a portfolio!!!
  • The base rate will be as follows: $500 for uniform and $700 for lingerie and topless.
  • If you are requested by a client by name/alias you will receive a $100 bonus on top of your base rate.
  • A commission is paid as follows: 10% on table service sales and 20% on bottle service. It is uncapped and paid usually within 72 hours.


Now, on a more serious note: our rules! There’s not many, but we do take them very seriously. If they are not followed, consequences will be enforced and termination of your contract may occur. So please make sure you read them carefully before proceeding with the application.


  • First and foremost, our most important value is SAFETY! Making sure you all girls are in a safe environment and are comfortable is our priority. We always look after you!
  • Your job will consist of socializing with the clientele in a friendly and confident manner, however, you must not entertain or commit any acts of sexual conduct.  However, your job is competitive and so you are free to seek out commission in any way you feel comfortable.
  • You must have a current work visa, or work authority and preferably a current RSA. Failure to provide these will limit your suitability for certain events.
  • You must conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. If a client is inappropriate, politely excuse yourself and let security know.

In summary, We only hire the most talented, professional girls for the best events in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. The work is hard, the hours on your feet in heels are ridiculously long, and we expect you to smile and be the most alluring hostess you can be. We are passionate and hard-working and expect only the best from our staff.

Although appearance isn’t everything, our clients still expect a sexy, yet intriguing look that is professional and gorgeous. Our job is to blend in, pay attention to the male clientele and make them feel valued, whilst serving them drinks. We are the mysterious women that disappear at the end of the night; we are every guy’s fantasy and the source of jealousy for all the ladies.

If you love everything to have heard so far, to proceed to the next stage of the application answer all the Questions and submit your audition photo’s as requested, these a simply the easiest way to see if you are compatible.  it is important that you take time submitted your profile as this we determine if you pass the initial screening, so don’t sell yourself short!

For makeup, I would recommend something elegant and sexy. Please do not go over the top with the make-up, however, it must be noticeable. I would suggest a cut-crease smoky eye, matte finish, and red or dark lips. This is a safe and popular look for our clientele. However, if you want to impress me with your makeup abilities I am interested to see your artistic side!

Speak to you soon!

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