Brooke O
  • Agency:

    Lux Elite Talent Management

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  • Available Area:

    Redcliffe, Brisbane, Gold Coast

  • Available For:

    Hostessing (VIP), Modelling, Event Staff, Private Functions, Waitressing, Bar Work.

  • Availablility

    7 Days (Advance booking required)

You can call me Brooke-Lea if I like you I’ll tell you what everyone else calls me.
Now I get bored on occasion, I like adrenaline, riding my bike and spending as much time in bed as humanly possible. So I guess you can say I’m a complex person, I love structure and routine, yet I have this fierce white-hot flame that also needs to express itself.

Maybe that’s the Polish blood running through these veins, I’ve seen a lot of things, and lived many lives and have more than one story to tell about different things. So buy me a cocktail, hey buy me a beer I don’t really care just come sit down and don’t be boring.

Tell me how you escape the urban rat race, the uniformed conformity of society.
Tell me about the time you rode through the forest and scrub at breakneck speed.
Tell me about the time you went camping and almost got lost, tell me about the good times.

Why may you ask? Because then I won’t have to tell you who I am because you’ll already know all about me. I’m the wind in your hair as you ride, the warmth of the campfire shared with friends. I’m the waterfall you jumped off as a kid without checking how deep the water was below and yet survived.

Those feelings? Those memories? They are the flames the burn inside me, so sit and join me tonight if you like I’ll tell you a story, or remind you of one, who knows maybe you and I can make a new story?

Whatever the case, don’t hesitate, everyone has a carriage made from a pumpkin waiting to take us home, back to suburbia, to cobwebs in the doorway and movies with the kids, but the clock still has yet to strike twelve.

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