Alyssa Connell
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    Lux Elite Talent Management

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    Redcliffe, Brisbane, Gold Coast

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    7 Days (Advance booking required)

My Name is Alyssa, at least that’s what my parents named me, sure I look good and my curves make any man weak at the knees, but one important thing is I’m approachable and friendly as well.

So I’ll tell you a little about me to get the conversation started, Let me see.
Ok well, I am a mystic at heart and have a weakness for things related to the gothic and divine, except cemeteries they totally freak me out, just mentioning them makes my skin crawl.

But enough about me let’s skip the small talk shall we and have some fun, let’s have a few drinks and get down to what makes you tick, well if you like we could talk about mundane things like your favorite colour, where you were born and of course the age old question… Do you like cats or dogs? *yawn*

However, I must warn you; I have one rule when it comes to meeting new people, and that is: don’t be boring! Life is too short for unhappiness, trust me! until just recently I lived in a horrible situation and I never took risks, I was unhappy and bored and the worst part is this opportunity nearly passed me by completely because I was too afraid to let go of the past.

But through modeling, and finally accepting and being accepted into the Lux Elite Talent family I was able to discover myself, my mind, my sexuality and my spirit, it wasn’t until then I was able to take pictures that were moving, passionate and sensual.

Now I am free to express myself the way I see fit, and I love it. When I was stuck in that rut I called my life I didn’t believe my friends when they said life can be better but it truly is.

So I’d like to say to all the repressed yet beautiful women out there, you don’t need to be trapped in an unhappy, unfaithful even disrespectful relationship, you don’t have to jump because that asshole is hungry again, find yourself a man, one that thinks you are beautiful and talented and tells you everytime they see you. find yourself by surrounding yourself with people that believe in you and encourage you.

Be the woman you can be, life is too short for sadness and regret, chase that dream, kiss the guy, love yourself and you’ll attract the love you deserve.

So now you know where I came from and what I stand for, and I hope I can be the muse that inspires you to greatness like my manager did for me, let’s work together and create a little magic.

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