What can you do to make your venue stand out?

We have created the perfect solution, professionally licensed hostessing staff, proven time and time again, they are loved by bar staff and patrons alike!

Hostessing Staff

We provide the best event and venue staffing service in Brisbane

Planning an event? Perhaps anticipating a huge turnout? We have you covered we can provide you with the best hostessing staff in Brisbane, no longer do you need to worry about recruitment or staff management, let us here at Lux Elite show you the difference, ease, and effectiveness of our teams.

What we offer!

  • Trained staff, holding current RSAs and bar experience.
  • Bottle and table service for your V.I.P Clientele.
  • Promotion Specialists with experience in crowd control.
  • Games, events, and activities designed to promote any product that needs a sales boost.
  • All provided by some of the most beautiful and desired women from all over SEQ.
  • Effective marketing and promotion of your venue and event on social media.

Creating better service, and gorgeous hostesses we are
Brisbane's Elite staffing service.

We have taken the stress out of staff management and provided a professional, popular alternative, designed to increase your return customers, promote underselling beverages safely, and increase your media presence on social media, what do you have to lose?

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