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New talent and opportunities every month

No Run Of The Mill

We have created an awesome company that will help the Brisbane community by providing only the most professional, glamorous women for your staffing needs


Collaborate with us today for the best in fashion photography and content creation by only providing the best models SEQ can provide at a realistic price.


Need extra staff for an event, party or venue?
Look no further, we can provide expert staff wearing your uniform, the latest fashion or lingerie for our V.I.P customers.


Want the girl everyone is talking about to attend your venue? Increase your market lead with in-house promotions on Instagram and social media, would you like to be the talk of the town?

What we offer

Our Services

We believe in creating the perfect staffing solution to every venue, from alcohol promotions, and staff to social media influence we can create the perfect package to ensure you have the best reputation, the best guests and highest door count in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

New staff to choose every month!

We are growing at an amazing rate and are constantly recruiting more staff to satisfy a rapidly growing client base.

Complete staff mangement

Hostesses, Chaperones, Security, and Entertainers are all provided via a simple booking system, no need to worry about the costs involved with hiring staff the traditional way let us take care of everything!

Our Promise

We will create the perfect staffing team for your venue or event, you will be impressed by the hard-working, professional nature of our beautiful women.

No! Bad! Look Don't Touch!