The Elite Difference

Why are we elite?

There are many agencies out there that can provide you with staff, but at Elite, we are what you are looking for because we promise and promote only the most glamorous, charmingly beautiful ladies, making the night unforgettable for your clientele which is why they come back again and again.

We are what makes your event memorable.

Welcome one and all to the home of Lux Elite Talent Management!

You’ve arrived here today because you are beautiful, young and talented and want to attend the best parties, clubs, and events that Queensland has to offer.

Or you’re the manager of a nightclub, an event planner planning a corporate event or perhaps you’re just a simple billionaire whos planning a small get together for a few thousand friends.

Well, here at Lux Elite Talent Management we are the masters of introductions.
To explain we’ll have to focus for a moment on our last possible type of visitor, the avid party goer the true royalty of Brisbane.

I ask you all a question:

Over the last few years have you been to a club and had a gorgeous hostess come up and offer to take your drink order, bring it back to where you are sitting, pour you a glass from your favorite bottle? After doing this did she sit with you and join in on the conversation, laugh at your jokes and make sure everyone was having a good time?

Well, if you answered yes, there’s a good chance you’ve seen our girls in action, or you’ve missed out and the simple reason? Because the club you were attending didn’t hire our elite hostesses or waitresses! I don’t believe it either! Because it’s so simple and cost-effective:

  1. They would just have to pay a fixed rate per Hostess or arrange a group package.
  2. They can get help promoting any product that could use a boost.
  3. They don’t have to worry hiring and staff management or any of that other time-consuming nonsense.
  4. They get positive feedback and live tweets and Instagram posts from our girls. And the best part they have the most beautiful, expertly trained models in Australia to serve you drinks, and keep you company!

So, as you can see ladies the patrons want you at the venue, you want to go and get paid for having a great time so what’s the only thing left?

That’s right our beloved Brisbane royals, make sure the manager of your favorite club calls us today and invites our lovely ladies the next time you visit, and if they won’t after you tell them all the reasons why they should?

Let them stick with the weary overworked bar staff, you have places you need to go!
Just check out our Instagram page @Lux.Elite.Talent.Management to find out where we are tonight!


Have a photography-based project planned? Collaborate with Lux Elite for:

  • Access to professional models.
  • Professional photography.
  • Access to restricted locations for the perfect shoot.
    • Swimwear
    • Sportswear
    • Evening Wear
    • Summer fashion
    • Lingerie
  • Contact us today to find the right model for the job


Do you need extra staff for your next event?

  • Our girls all carry a valid RSA
  • Are experienced beverage service hostesses.
  • Are beautiful, well dressed and vibrant!
  • Can promote under selling alcohol to your clientele.
  • Are fun, healthy and professional

Brand Promotion

In today’s market, traditional advertising and media campaigns are yesterdays fad, read more about our new brand marketing platform and what it can do to revolutionise your business today!

Event Staff

Professional, beautiful women who can help with any job required on the day/night

Simply Elegant

Staffing has never been so intuitive!

Join us today and make the Lux Elite group part of your family today, from our first encounter you’ll know you’ve made the right choice for event staffing and casting.

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